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eSECURITY GROUP LLC connects your thermostats and lighting to your security system for a smarter, more responsive set of options for saving energy.

Manage your lights and temperature settings with automated schedules. Create easy rules to have an added layer of smart automation based on system activity. Have your thermostat automatically set back when the system is armed away, or pause if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected to limit the circulation of fumes.

Temp Sensor

Optimize the temperature settings in your home by adding a temperature sensor to any room.

Window Sensor

If a window is left open you will be notified. The sensor will also be able to communicate with the thermostat in case of an open window to adjust the temperature.

Smart Thermostat

The Smart Thermostat works in conjunction with the Smart Sensors around your home. This will give you the ability to monitor and adjust the temperature for any circumstance even when you are away from home.

Water Sensor

Be notified in the event of a leak right away instead of finding out after the damage has already been done.

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