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When you sign up with eSECURITY GROUP LLC your property will be monitored 24/7 by licensed central monitoring stations across the country. Never leave your home unprotected again and get notified in the event of anything happening while you're away.

Door Sensor

Know whenever a sensitive area of the business – such as an office – is accessed, and know if there’s activity when there shouldn’t be.

Image Sensor

When motion is detected, the image sensor will snap a picture and send it to you right away so you will always no what is going on, even if you are not there.

Security Panel

Choose from a selection of panels that will allow you to communicate with two-voice in the event of an emergency as well as notify you if extreme weather conditions are detected in your area. Our panels will still work even if it has been smashed or damaged.

Smoke & CO Detectors

Keep your family safe from danger. If a fire were to occur, this system would signal for an emergency response immediately. In the event that carbon monoxide is detected, the system will automatically shut down the HVAC to prevent further circulation.

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